Baby’s New Teeth

Your Baby’s New Teeth

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As skilled and experienced pediatric dentists, we not only provide exceptional quality dental care for your children—but we also provide parents with peace of mind. You can depend on the professional guidance of our experienced professional team to help keep your child’s smile in tip-top condition. Whether your child’s first tooth has erupted (congratulations!), you have questions about thumb sucking or other oral habits, or if you’d like to learn some pointers on how to get them to brush and floss more consistently, we can help. Our pediatric dentists have received extensive specialty training in behavior management techniques as well as the clinical skills to successfully treat the oral care needs of children throughout every stage of their development. If your children’s first tooth has erupted, you likely have questions that we’re prepared to answer.

While every smile is unique, a baby’s first teeth begin to erupt within the 6 to 12 month range. One of the many milestones in a baby’s development, the first teeth coming into place may not be a pleasant experience for your little one. In fact, your baby may find the tooth eruption process to be a bit uncomfortable. During tooth eruption a baby may be fussy, have some difficulty sleeping, not want to eat, or drool quite a bit. Although this fussiness can be very disconcerting to a parent, our office can show you a few things that you can do to soothe your baby as their new teeth come into place. Teething rings come in a variety of forms, and our pediatric dentist will advise you as to the safest and most effective recommendations for your baby.

From infancy through the teen years, you can depend on our office to provide the care and the information to help your child maintain optimal oral health! For more information or to schedule an appointment for care, give us a call today.