Where can I find a San Diego Pediatric Dentist?

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At BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry, our practice is dedicated to your children’s oral health. Our pediatric specialists have received advanced training to meet the comprehensive dental care needs of infants, toddlers, school-age children and adolescents. As your San Diego pediatric dentist, we have established a welcoming, kid-friendly environment, to provide your child with care that is comfortable, engaging and stress-free. Our pediatric dentists are experts when it comes to putting kids at ease, and deliver care with an extra-gentle touch.

The foundation for a lifetime of good oral health begins with a consistent regime of preventive dental care. By scheduling checkups at our office every six months, we can provide your kids with the professional instruction, oversight, and personalized services needed to help them establish and maintain their oral health. Since maintaining good oral hygiene plays a critical role in the prevention of dental disease, we take special care to provide encouraging instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing. If your kids are too young to care for their oral health on their own, you can count on us to address your questions and concerns as parents. From the emergence of their first tooth, to safeguarding their oral health from the risks of baby bottle syndrome, we are thoroughly knowledgeable in all things related to the oral health of your kids! As your San Diego pediatric dentist, we are also equipped to diagnose and treat a sweeping range of dental issues such as cavities, toothaches and dental injuries. Our practice is also equipped to provide orthodontic treatment with a variety of appliances, including habit control appliances and fixed or removable space maintainers—fitted appliances designed to maintain adequate space for unerupted permanent teeth following the loss of a baby tooth. For our pediatric patients with special needs, we are specially trained to provide the highest level of care, and do our utmost to make every experience at our office as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. In certain situations, we are prepared to offer conscious dental sedation, or general anesthesia in a hospital setting if needed.

When it comes to the oral health of your kids, you can count on BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry. To schedule your next visit with your San Diego pediatric dentist, call us today!

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